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Friday, 4 November 2016

Islamic state is on its backfoot and could do anything in desperation

Islamic state is loosing in Mosul, but could start in Indonesia the world most popularist Islamic country - If Islamic state was to attack Australia it would have to start in Indomesia, the world Most popularist Islamic country - also with factor Indonnesia is predominently Sunni Islam and willing to join Islamic State whome is also Sunni

What is very concerning is that if Islamic state Looses Mosul in Iraq but it could win in other places and take the battle To further battle grounds and one of these ares could be Indonesia, the world most popularist Sunni Islam country combined with Southern Phillipines

This is a major worry as it is nota real loss, it is a  tactical defeat inone place and move to another, 

This is a real worry as it is not a  real loss but a tactical change.

Only for 4 years later for the allies that once had lost At Dunkirk to come back in Invasion Fleets on the Beaches of the same france to be historicaly known as D Day (1944)

The same with Islamic state to Loose in Mosul right now but shift the fight predominetly from the Middle East to South East Asia, Phillipines, Indonesia and Mayasia

This is a real concern and if I was the Australian Government I would scrap the debates on Sane sex marriage for get about this as it is a complelte wast of time, but would concentrate mon the National security debate and I would be offering the use of Northern Australia to the United States to  set up US military camps and Naval bases in places like Darwin, Broome and Townsville. 

We more than ever need the Americans to  be in South east Asia and if the present Phillipine Administration want the Americans out of Philippines then Australia needs to offer theAmerkcans our land for bases And let us forget the silly debate on same sex marriage and concentrate on National defense issues

Written by John Christopher Sunol 

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