Saturday, 26 November 2016

Islamic States attacks in Indonesia

This is realy tuening out to be world war 3. Indonesia is the worlds largest Islamic country This is what makes it an ideal target foe Isis, especially now it is looosing Ground in Syria and Iraq

What I am concerned is that Australia could be the next target after Indonesia  as Islamic state would see Australians as a soft target. That is why when  the Australian found fighting
 for Islamic state needs to be brought back to Australia for both interrogation by asio and other authorities and the locked up in a Isolated Prisoner of war camp where he stays until Islamic state is totaly defeated. (Neil Pkash needs to be brought back to Australia and interviewed by Asio, Federal Police and Military intelligence, then put indefinitely into prison as a Prisoner of war and a terrorist)

I believe this could be seen as a start to World war 3

Published and printed by John Christopher Sunol 

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