Thursday, 17 November 2016

Local court Garnasheered 60% of my bank accounts to pay this Garry Burns the $53,000

Local court Garnarsheered 60% OF MY MONEY illegaly due to owing Garry Burns $53,000 for him obtaining from me lover the lies he told Ncat - Garry wrote lies on me

This man is not only a thief he is also a person with mental obsessiomx acting corruptly big timme. I got a formal letter that I had to the 28th November to pay this money and nothing would happen. When I checked my account I found that I had $60 taken as a local court Garnnasheer. This makes me very angry. It is not the $60  as it is not alot of money but the issue is that in this account I only had $101 IN THIS ACCOUNT WHICH MEANS THAT IT WAS 60% OF THE MONEY GOING. I am going to withdraw all my money from now on and keep it in cash. This money was tzken on the 16th November which is yesterday and they gave me to the 28th Nocember  before something was done. I am very angry and will make it my duty to travel everywhere now speaking Antisame sex marriage to whome and who I like and take on both the Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby and the Marriage equality  in full.

I know where you are coming from and Garry is NOT THE ROOT Cuse of this.

The root cause is The 1993 and homosexual villifiication bill by Clover Moore and the groups who would like To Enforce rhis legislation. Both these groups and their politicalmmaster The Austrliian Greens I opposse fully and from now on I will travell everywhere turing people against Marriage Equality, these groups and making them aware the Green party supports this and NOT to vote Green or Labor that support this, Also this blog I am atepping up and I am going to use it as a spearhead  to inform people the truth about the LGBT ngroups and these groups.

Garry thinkd he is smart, I will show him how smart he by going on an all out campaign to spread the truth. ALSO HE CAN NOT GET ME TO SELL MYN
 HOMEas it is in a shelf company without legislative changes in the NSW parliament. I aint going to sell either as I would get to much money and I do noot want to give these geouos a chance to get muliple complaints against me all wanting money as that could be disterous if I qas to sell with very little morgage on it. Around 5% of the vslue of the home.

I will finish ofd withr this, Garry if you and both the Homosexual right lobby and the Marriag equality want war, you got it mate and I am not sorry for what I have written. I will do it with total conntemp for you and I will fight to see thie Llegislation repealed

This legislation must go as it can stel money off Christians for following their beleifs

Note to all whome read this : I am not sorry and I would gladly do all over again what I have done in  the oast
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