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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Luke McKees profile of victims of Gay Bullying

This is from the Luke McKee I allow to write to my blog, this is what we eall must see, the homosexual system and vilification law, anti discrimination law in Australia is very corrupt.


Hello, my name is Luke McKee and I'm a victim of gay bulling, here's my story.

by Luke McKee, Monday, September 14, 2015, 21:37 (421 days ago)
My name is Luke McKee.
My story is here: (soon to be re-posted shortly). It's a well researched well supported story. I am the only publicly known person to be accused of 60C NSW Crimes Act, and the only person according to the crime statistics data to be accused of the law in the 5 year jail version. The new version is a result of the 2006 Gang Laws Bill (NSW) - which is publicly attributed to be the first series of laws that define criminal organizations in Australia.
I have no criminal record, and no affiliations with any organized crime outfits. Put 408634470 into http://www.police.nsw.gov.au/sir -> check CAPI license to see I was a security officer helping Police for 5 years.
Back in 2002, the Attorney General (Bob Debus) / Police Minister (Michael Costa) the same prick who spearheaded the idea to sell our powerstations to China introduced the first law that was justified to attack outlaw motorcycle gangs activities.
8 years later, the OLMG membership here should confirm it hasn't been used against the bikies, only those who have dirt on Police wrongdoing. 2 people before me have been accused with a 100% conviction rate. There is no case-law for this crime.
When the law was introduced, a Greens MP Lee Rhiannon said "this law will provide running cover for corrupt Police". MP Peter Breen said Tim Anderson framed with the Hilton Bombing, now a professor of Politics at Sydney University would be still rotting in jail for the Hilton Bombing if this law existed 10 years prior to 2002.
I'm not a white-supremacist, but you guys will be abhorred to hear that Gay Cops (yes we have special gay Police in Australia) are using OLMG law to run a vendetta against someone who exposed them using Domestic Violence law to extend the visa of an illegal immigrant (HK) sex worker's visa so she can make more brothel bucks.
Details of the brothel/DV angel to my matter will be posted to the link above within 48 hours, including audio extracts from court. So I win in court against the Police, and they rehash the matter using OLMG law (60C NSW Crimes Act - Google it, I'm #1!) to head of a formal complaint about one of the finest and gay breaking the law by perverting the course of justice so she wouldn't have to arrest a lesbian co-false-accuser for providing a false statement. Also the gay cop promised on an ERISP (Electronically Recorded Interview of Suspect Persons) to pick up my CCTV alibi that would exonerate the heterosexual (me) and incriminate the homosexual. Instead she took the same approach as what they did with Dr Haneef to say I confessed when I didn't so she wouldn't have to do her job, and check an alibi that risked putting her acquaintance in jail. Even Police withheald times of 000 calls that conflict with the FACT sheet (Police allegations) against me, and the AVO appication for the same incident reads completely differently to the FACT sheet. The only allegation of violence in the original matter that was dismissed without a hearing is "due to the force of the accused no longer pushing against the door the victim stumbled and fell". The latter is not a grammatical mistake on my part. How can one forcefully not push?
Recordings from court and ERISP extracts will be published on the site linked above soon. Police seeked to destroy this ERISP audio tape they made themselves as cited in the 60C search warrant I put online. That's right a judge is signing of on an act to destroy evidence. A court endorsed crime, to help cover up another crime I allege the gay cop perpetrated against me: perverting the course of justice (14 years jail)! To find out all the details, such as how I found out the cop was gay you need to read the indymedia article.
If I was making up a story about gay Police that was lies the Police would have charged me with public defimation. I'm accused of the rarest crime in Australia: The crime of obtaining [true] personal information [that incriminates Police].
Spread the word. Write letters to your MP and try to find the two people before me that went to jail for this obscure law that doesn't exist in any state of any other country in the world - apart from NSW - the most corrupt state in Australia.
Also if you see the indymedia article, there are gay rights activists giving me some. I think it's time to fight back!

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