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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Message to Garry Richard Burns

To Garry and listen buster take note. I do not want or need to speak to you but I would like to make a public message to you ocer the $53,711.41 that you are claiming. 

I wish to let all member of The homosexual lobby and the Marriage equality groups  know I will not accept them, and see these groups and their discriminarion law (villification legislation )  not needed as we have other legislation that issue  not biased to one group to protect the commjunity. These groups are very evil in my own beleifs and I itterly refuse to accept them or their rights to even exist. 

Garry is not going to be happy with this $55,000 he going to want more after the Feb 20 2017 decision comes out,

So I made out a quick you tube and I want you and all to hear my final words ovee this matter. 

Published by John christopher sunol 

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