Friday, 4 November 2016

My mainGoal of life is to get the 1993, Clover Moore, homosexual ammendment villification legislation reppealed

This peice of legislation has been at the forefront of all my problems. I am going to dedicate my to seeing this bill repealed. 

Itmwas only passed by one vote in the NSW PARLIAMENT during this time. That was by The Former NSW Police Minister crossing the floor to get the numbers for this legislation to take place. 

This is uneeded legoslation and something that should haver never been put in place. It has been abused by only a couuple of people Which is the main root causes of all my troubles I am being used as a case study to further this legislation and njow I dedicate my life to see it overturned.

 this bill should have never been passed in the first place as it is the root cause for All my past cases

Written by John Christopher Sunol 

Religeous Villification cases

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