Saturday, 12 November 2016

Nostradamus predicted A Trump style United States Presidential elections

During the times Pf Nostradamus in the 14th Century (1503-1566) the United  States did not even exist. The United States did not become - The United States of america - untill July 4th 1776 - independence day (George Washington).  

This was some 200 years after Nostradamus died 1503-1566 With this  being the case then their is no way that in the Physical world could Nostradamus known of Even the United states   as at the times of Nostradamus America did not even exist  as it does today. The language which Nostradamus would have spoken (Old French - or Canadian French) is different and everything. 

Nostradamus was a seer and involved in Occult and even though the devil can predict the Truth to some extent (which Gods Allows) Satin is not the Ultimate truth As the Ultimate truth is only reserved for God.

I feel that this proves that it in Gods ultimate purpose with the sudden election of Donald Trump and this prophecy from Nostradamus only confirms that we are living in History Making times  of a huge spiritual significance. 

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 


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