Friday, 18 November 2016

Note to Garry Richard Burns over his demanding $55,000 in damages the Tribunal ordered I pay into his corrupt pockets.

Garry Richard Burns, the self-appointed "homosexual activist" in Sydney - has said he will not receive emails from me.  Well, that is fine. 

This blog does not want to contact him personally anyway, as I have nothing in common with him whatsoever.    

He sees me as somebody to victimize, to satisfy the power trip he is on, as a full time Gay & Lesbian police informer and Anti-Discrimination Board homosexual vilfication complaints production patsy.

Instead, I will post his message and give a response on my blog as he will see it anyway.

Below is an email I received only a few days ago, from Burns, the "homosexual activist" who tries to kid the public that he is a "gay hero" but in reality only motivated by vexatiousness and money.

His practice is to put complaints into the Anti Discrimination Board and then write similar letters to his targeted victims offering to withdraw the complaint if they pay into his bank account $10,000.  

This is totally corrupt and shows that he is only motivated by mercenary objectives using the very onerous homosexual vilification laws (Section 49ZT of the Act) - and - under false pretenses - tries to extort money from victims.   

These victims are named by himself in his letter that is copied below.   

This individual (Burns) is working with David Shoebridge , Member of the NSW Legislative Assembly, and member of the Greens Party , to strengthen and deepen homosexual vilification law, as a part of a political agenda. (Mr David Shoebridge isa Barrister and a Family Law Majistrate in his non Political life and he is the Politician who is writing the legislation for the NSW government on Anti Discrimination and Villification legislation to enhance hate speech and villification legislation which is being used against me - David Shoebridge Legislation

Their strategy is to use myself, John Christopher Sunol, as the "case law donkey".   It is a cynical and abusive exercise on their part, and in the long run it will do them and their cause no good.   

I have a strong feeling that they are hoisting themselves on their own petard by going along with this racket of using me as a case-law donkey.  

Rather than being an exploited "case law donkey", in time, the case law combined with my story about its creation is going to become a "case study"  that will play a big part in the forecasted repeal of the 1993 homosexual vilification Amendment to the Anti Discrimination Act.

So far Burns has lodged 79 complaints against this blog, for "homosexual vilification".  None of these complanits are properly investigated by the Board.  Their policy is to refuse conciliation and always flick the complaints to the Civil and Administrative Tribunal for external judgement. This is an abuse of process.   It is at total variance to the Object of the Act and contrary to the Statuory Oblgations of the Board.   But homosexual activists don't care. They are hell bent on achieving their objectives to subjugate and disempower the heterosexual majority that by and large determines the prevailing social and cultural norms. 

Every time I complain about him on this blog, he puts in  a complaint for "homosexual victimisation" (Section 50 of the Act).   The Board always just send these additional complaints to the Tribunal.  It is a no win situation.    

The Anti Discrimination Board appreciate getting all his complaints, because without him, there would simply be no homosexual vilification complaints being produced in New South Wales.  

That would be an embarrassment, as the 1993 homosexual villification ammendment legislation  would be seen as unnecessary and redundant.   

Additionally, the torrent of homosexual vilification complaints being sent in to the Board by single this person,  with nothing better to do with his life, helps the Board to justify its forecasted operating budget, to keep "bums on seats". 

You begin to see how this "Burns-ADB" racket works   

All these complaints against this blog are nonsense, for I do not vilify homosexual persons.  I only blog against the homosexual agenda that arises from the ideology of what is called "Cultural Marxism " and it is linked to Agenda 21, now Agenda 2030

Ordinary persons with the homosexual characteristic are no problem to society.  They are just trying to adapt to a situation like all persons with a problem and they should be afforded compassion and sympathy.   However the gay rights lobby has been hijacked by ruthless homosexual activists who want to overturn society through a cultural revolution inspired by Cultural Marxism.  This is what this blog is fighting. 

 Shoebridge had the lapse in judgement to turn up with Burns on November 10, 2015 to one of the many Burns vs Sunol  public hearings at the NSW Civil and Administrative Trubunal, Equal Opportunity Division.   

These hearings are designed to create case law in relation to discussion about the homosexual agenda on the internet. 

This letter from Burns (below) is published in the PUBLIC INTEREST to show the people in New South Wales how the 1993 homosexual amendment to the Anti-Discrimination Act is being abused for nothing other than financial gain.  

You will note from the wording that Burns gets free assistance from the gay lobby lawyers and specifically the high profile David Shoebridge MLC  

Whereas I am bankrupt, on a NewStart allowance and cannot afford a lawyer.     Burns is corruptly trying to extort $55,000 from me based on his lies and distortions sent in to the Anti Discrimination Board.  

He would have a slightly better chance of getting he money if I was still driving a taxi.   

But Burns lobbied Ms Clover Moore, then a Member of Parliament (now Mayor of Sydney) to write to the Transport Minister to remove my taxi licence.  Many lies were made up about me by the gay activists, and there was a Tribunal Hearing where I was not represented as I could not afford a lawyer. 

Based on the lies, and the fact that there had been phoney adverse homosexual vilification rulings against me, they took away my livlihood.   They took away my licence to drive a taxi. 

 Not satisfied with that, they now are demanding I pay into Burns' bank accound $55,000.    

Readers must learn from my story of the absolute ruthlessness and determination of these gay activists.  

They will stop at nothing to destroy you or your livlihood if you cross them.     

This is standard practice for Mafia gangs. 

If they can make an example by totally destroying me, they can use this example to create a "chilling effect" in New South Wales.  

 The message will be, "shutup about the homosexual agenda, say nothing about it in public, or else we will destroy you as we destroyed John Christopher Sunol"   

For this reason,  I need help from all who read this, and who can understand what is going on here.    



Money-grab letter from "homosexual activist"

" Without Prejudice" Offer to Settle

 Confidential Correspondence which is not for publication or to be given to third parties

Subject : Re Examination Notice and Offer to Settle

Dear Mr Sunol,

I refer to the Registration of Certificate of Judgement Order filed against you in the Local Court for $55, 881.29 ( case number 2016 / 00301359 ( this includes latest interest at 7 % and future filing fee ).

These are court imposed penalties imposed by Judgement Order under s. 78 Certificate which are unprovable in bankruptcy. In other words they cannot be included in your current bankruptcy.

Mr Sunol your Trustee Mr David Mansfield has informed you AFSA will not accept a second bankruptcy from you because these debts you owe me are unprovable in bankruptcy and came after your original bankruptcy date of 2014.

Your Trustee would be committing an offence if he accepted a second bankruptcy in relation to these court imposed penalties and you would be committing an offence under the bankruptcy act.

In the next few weeks I will be serving an Examination Notice on you where you will have to attend the local court in Sydney and reveal all monies held in your bank accounts and all future outgoings and incomings in relation to monies in relation to your expenses.

If you don't agree to an Instalment Order to pay me fortnightly payments of $250. 00 a garnishee order will be placed on your Centrelink Payment until the debt is fully paid.

If you don't attend the Examination Hearing you could be arrested.

Mr Sunol I will pursue you for this money because these are court imposed penalties.

Without Prejudice I now offer to settle all matters between us if agreed by you on a number of conditions outlined below :

1, Within 7 days from the signing of the deed of release you will pay me via direct credit to the nominated bank account I give your solicitor the sum of $27, 940.65. Which is half of the aggregate amount ordered by the court.

2. You will agree to not mention my name either by Garry or Garry Richard Burns on your blog post or website's or to third parties including Luke Mc Kee, Geoffrey Mc Kee, Christine Sindt, Tess Corbett, Bernard Gaynor or any other party involved in legal proceedings with me apart from your instructing solicitor. I will ensure there is a clause in the deed of release where you will have to pay me the full amount of $55, 940.65 if you do. You will remove all YouTubes and articles written in relation to me from all websites you operate. 

3. You will agree to a confidential deed of release. ( This means you will not be able to discuss the settlement either prior to it's signing or after it's execution ) If you do you will be in breach of a confidential settlement.

Within 7 days of the deed of release being signed and executed I will agree :

1. To withdraw all complaints currently before the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board ( ADB ) under investigation in relation to you.

2. To withdraw all matters currently before the NSW Civil Administrative Tribunal ( NCAT ) in relation to you.

3. I will agree not to file any further complaints against you with the President of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board ( ADB ).

4. We can both go our own way and not have any further dealings with each other.

If this Without Prejudice letter is published by you on your blog post or by third parties the offer to settle is off and I will pursue you through the local court.

Mr Sunol I am acting in "good faith " and would like you to consider settling on the grounds outlined above because they are of fair compromise.Perhaps you should have a discussion about my offer with your wife Casimaira Sunol or her son Mr Cabote before dismissing my offer to settle.

If you do agree to this settlement offer could you instruct a local solicitor in Newcastle and get him or her to contact me so we can agree on the terms of the settlement.

This offer to settle is only open until Friday 18 November 2016 at 5pm.

My contact numbers are 02-9363-0372 or 0407-910-309.

Please consider settling all matters between us Mr Sunol.

However I will only deal with your solicitor.

Kind regards,
Garry Burns
Po Box 77
Paddington NSW 2021.


My reply

You can persue me for this money to your hearts content.

You will get nothing from me except for the truth about your extortion attempts on others and your corruption. 

In the public interest I am going to speak the truth.   

The only weapon I have is the truth.  Whereas you and your sponsors like David Shoebridge MLC and the political activists on the staff of the Anti Discrimination Board - they have all the power in the current context.  

This power comes through the misuse and abuse of the 1993 homosexual amendment to the 1977 New South Wales Anti Discrimination Act.     

I intend to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth about your and your backers abuse and victimisation of myself, all done for the higher cause of silencing and intimidating all those who oppose the homosexual agenda.  

You will get nothing Buster, as I do not have the money and you have no power to force me to pay - you only speak bullshit "Gary" and try to frighten me. 

I wish to say this to you. Continue to write to me yes, please do, I will not block you as you have me.

You say you will only talk to my solicitor.   Did it occur to you Buster, that I have no money to pay a solicitor? 

I am not a gutless vexatious serial complainant like like you.  I do not commit skulduggery and tell lies like you, either.  I will not give in.  I will not pay you any money to support your corrupt lifestyle.   

But. . . .

Know this: I will publish all that you write and nothing between us is private and confidential.   It is all public and open to the world and I will ensure that.

You spend your life working behind closed doors with your minders at the Anti Discriminaiton Board - to humiliate and punish me in the many PUBLIC hearings at the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal. 

This is a PUBLIC ACT on your part to vilify me, to defame me, to punish me, at huge taxpayer cost, just to enjoy flexing your muscles to satisfy your ego as a "gay hero" .   

You are simply a pawn in their game, to further the homosexual political agenda.   

Therefore this issue will remain in the PUBLIC domain.

Confidentiality only aids the cause of your minders, because if the people of New South Wales could learn how you operate and how the staff at the Anti Discrimination Board use you as their patsy for complaint manufacturing, they would be shocked.    

And there would a Parliamentary Inquiry into the use and abuse of the homosexual vilification law, with specific reference to my long running cases as evidenced by Collier v Sunol and then, after Collier died, you stepped in to the vacuum with Burns v Sunol.

You are focussing on me because you think I am an easy target.

I am not going to aid your cause by keeping quiet about what you are up to and how you are only motivated by financial gain when you lodge homosexual vilifiction coplaints.   

Ill-gotten money is your motivation, as it is with most criminals. 

That is how you are able to be used by the real activists on the staff of the Anti Discriminatio Board. 

  You are a corrupt, hypocritical con man, and that is why you are used as a patsy and fall guy.     

So go ahead. . .  but know this . . . I do not have the money, can not get the money and you are sure to fail

and. . . 

2. I am applying for a second bankruptcy anyway

and most of all 3

3. I am going to lobby to have this 1993 homosexual anti vilification legislation subjected to a Parliamentary Inquiry and then repealed, so that New South Wales anti discrimination law is consisten with that of Victoria and Western Australia.  

I will print your name all over the 'net when I tell my long and honest story. 

Also I forgot, I do not accept that this 1993 homosexual legislation is needed and my story shows it is unworkable and subject to abuse by opportunists motivated by money, such as yourself. 

The money orders from it are recognized only as a fraud done by yourself and I will show the whole world that. 

You cannot and will not stop me buster.

Because in a democracy it is not a crime to lobby for the repeal of any law.  



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