Friday, 25 November 2016

Over 1,000 Iranian and supporters have been Killed in the Syrian war

Over 1,000 Iranians killed in Syrian war - No good outcome if Isreal is drawn into the Syrian wae

This war in Syria is quickly turning into a much bigger war than just in Syria. It is effecting the whole Middle  East And if not stopped Isreal could be brought in and if that happens it will become far bigger 

This is why I beleive this is very serious and explosive as it will effect the whole world, I beleive we need thhe EU, Britain USA and other countries including Russia need to send an international military force into Syria and takeover, attacking Islamic State, Al nusra andother terror groups then run Syria as an international protectorate before this goes any further and gets ugly and ends up as World war 3 SYRIAN WAR COULD EASILY TURN INTO WORLD WAR 3

This is very  serious 

Written and publshed by John Christopher Sunol 

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