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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Phrophecies of world war:Russia preparing full BLOWN NUCLEAR for 2017

Fully blown world war 3, Nartons with Nuclear weapons - Full blow nuclear war with Russia sommetime after May 2017

These are only predictions and have had many predictions gone before Which have not come to pass, now some predictions are As close as January 22nd 2017. This another prediction that conflicts with the prophecy Sometime after May 2017, thus I do not have confidence in this either.  

These two dates are different, somone must be wrong, both can not be right, so I take no real notice to either date..I will just wait and see what happens (and do not tie my nickers in a not looking at such stupid nonsensical nonesense.)

They even predicted October 2016 and it has not come to pass so this is a false prediction which makes those making the prediction A set of false phrophets and anyone who Beleives in such are only fools

When this comes it will be quick and in a  way we are not thinking of at the moment

Published by John  christopher sunol 

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