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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Plebiscite hate speech fears blown out of proportion: Pauline Hanson

Plebiscite hate speech fears blown 

out of proportion: Pauline Hanson

I not only agree with Pauline Hanson over this, Those involved with same sex marriage who are in the cultural Marxist club and political free speech did not want a plebiscite. This was not that they were being democratic but they want to force same sex marriage upon all. In a plebiscite the real figures of amount of people who agree or disagree will come out and they will not like it. 

Alot of propaganda, hyped up lies and corrupt marketing polls have been done. In a census like a plebiscite would be we would know the truth of the real figures. 

The propaganda put out by those with the homosexual lobby group is around 60%. I state this is not a real figure but a set of lies to decease all. It would be no more that 10% of people who would consider same sex marriage less that 5% vote for it and the die harts would be no more than 2% of the population. These in favor of same sex marriage do not want those figure so they corruptly deceive all and want only a internal vote with elected politicians, which would railroad an issue that is a change of constitutional and legislation which the government has no right to change without the people being able to say yes. 

I agree with Pauline Hanson, this must be given to the people to make their own decisions and we accept the plebiscite, but that is not going to happen. This totalitarian Cultural Marxist group want to force this on all 

I leave it for all to read this and i will add more as time goes on. This is a scam job and totally against the interests of the people 

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol

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