Saturday, 12 November 2016

Protest against Donald Trump are only trouble makers and need to be handled harshly by the authorities

These people protesting against Donald Trump are just sour grapes and refuse to accept the truth. The Politcaly correct fold and cultural marxist have lost
And they will not accept it. What is needed for these people to be dealt with by the Police and courts and be fined and more seious cases given a forced holiday in  a prison for their acts. Donald Trump won the election by a proper election and this must be accepted by all, thos wthat want to protest this MUST NOT BE TOLERATED. 

For example if I had protesters stopping me from driving home outside my home in  Newcastle Australia for writing this. I would have no toleration and I do not disgust, I call the Police and expect the Police to break up the crowds protesting me or charge them and out them before the courts. Well the same with  those trouble makers protesting Donald Trump in the United States, No tolerance and no discussion, They break up the rallies or they are arrested as they have no rights of protest and to create trouble.

I if this happened to me, say groups of trouble makers rallied outside of my house for  me ro pay Garry the $53,000 i WOULD HAVE NO TOLERANCE, NOT DISCUSS anything and call the Police expecting arrests end the protests to break up as those protesters have no rights to protest.

In the article below those who voted for trump are being assaulted. This is thuggery and totally unacceptable. These people protesting and committing criminal acts os assault must be put before the courts on a charge of assault. 
I feel this is thuggery should have no toleration by the  courts and these people doing this Must face  the full force of the law. 
That is all I will say over this

As a conclusion 

Those who protested
 have no rights to protest, if they wanted to protest they should  have done so by voting for Hillary at the Poling booths. President elect trump is now elected and these protesters have no rights to now. It must not be tolerated and the protesters dealt with by the law.

As an example if I had protesters move against me to force me to pay Garry the  $53,000 and stood out the front of my house to boycott me. I would have no qualms but to call the police and see the protesters put  before  the court  as they have no rights. the same with Donald Trump.

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 

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