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Some Christian Groups that host gay pedophile meetings in their Sydney HQ goes all in to support

Luke here: I wont write this one up this up. I'll just press Ctrl-C twice. 

I wonder if the @nodiscrim aka pedos will sue john for re-publishing Australian Family Association and the top Christian Blogger in Australia. I dare you pedos. (
They wont but you never know boylover if you got hairy balls (oh no they are shaven in the picture he sends underage child prostitutes you can see if you click on the comments for the 1977 Anti-Discrimination Act was amended.... post you will see on the right hand side of this article if you properly print and reproduce this post) then give it a shot. I double dare you.

He wont sue over the sparkles the pony post on this blog too? Wonder why?
You got no balls Garry / PIAC / nodiscrim unless you can take on the big one!

No the video proves that Garry Burns uses a FAKE NAME with the COURTS and NSW POLICE then collects on the court debts against john sunol on his fictional alias. Put his real name into to see his hetrophobic hate crimes to police and wonder why Catherine Burns supports him so much? The video wasn't made for youtube. It was made for NZ Police service to lodge a complaint through interpol against the boylover for making threats by email and name dropping NSW BIAS CRIMES UNIT HEAD JEFFREY STEERING claiming that he was going to arrest my father when he wasn't and other threats including that my daughter would be raped. Jeffrey Steering said Garry Burns used the internet maliciously to menace and harass breaking the federal telecommunication act making false gay police threats and that he hadn't spoke to Garry Burns for 6 months. The pedophile is deranged. And yet his pedo cop friends take his complaint seriously. INVESTIGATE WHO HACKED HIM TAKE HIS COMPUTER AND SWEEP FOR CHILD PORN but no they wont do that, they'll just believe the lies of the boylover and let him put his fake name "gary burns" that doesn't match his drivers licenses on more police complaints like he did to Sunol and Luke McKee. Has anyone else heard of a pedophile suspect with the privalage to use a fake name in court after he was charged for hetrophobic hate crimes against police in "Burns Segrave And Anor" case" Oh shit and he was in court today appearing under yet two more different names on the same day at the same place
 that still don't match the name he has had on his drivers license for the last 50 years.

Then Brendan Ritson is suing him USING HIS REAL NAME GARRY RICHARD BURNS. The NSW Police COPS System stops duplicate fake names used by criminals using the CNI (common names index). It shows you corrupt police are manually allowing Garry to use a FAKE name when he makes false police complaints to hide his history. He was sheep dipped to have a fake name after this shocking incident.
Statements have come from convicted murderers of gay men, the police and victims of gay bashings.
The second to last person to give evidence during the inquest was former Bligh candidate Gary Burns. Approximately 90 police statements relating to Burns’s dealings with NSW police were presented by Patrick Saidi, representing the police service.
(That's right 90 police say he's a crazy nutjob, then GAY JUDGE WAKEFIELD SAYS EVERY SECOND LINE IN COURT, WITH RESPECT TO THE GREAT GARRY BURNS - That's judicial BIAS right there before we get into the juicy stuff - and he says Garry can use a fake name in Court because Alexander ahem John does the same himself!)
Saidi tried to have all of Burns’s evidence dismissed, suggesting he was a vexatious complainant, who regularly made unreasonable claims about police officers.
The statements tendered by Saidi, including claims Burns had presented himself as a member of parliament and a friend of the police commissioner to young police officers, had little to do with the subject of the inquest, Milledge ruled.
Burns told the court he regularly attended beats to warn people about their dangers. Burns had also recently informed a Bankstown newspaper about a gay beat in the area.
The inquest was adjourned.

And no Garry it wasn't me that hacked you I promise! I'm angry I didn't bother. Shall I try to however? Maybe I will :) We think it was the Anti-Catherine-Judith-Burn Faction in the NSW Police spoke about here that will come for you once she gets nailed. You fall together:
And of course I have police sources in the "Kaldas" Camp!
In the past five years the NSW force has been bitterly divided between the Kaldas and Burn camps as the pair vied for the top job.
The relationship between Mr Scipione, Ms Burn and Mr Kaldas was so poisonous retired navy admiral Peter Clarke was paid to try to mediate between them.
The animosity came to public attention at a parliamentary inquiry into the illegal bugging of Kaldas and other police by an internal affairs unit where Burn and Scipione worked.
Some senior police have conceded privately that an outsider would “clean the decks’’ and could make decisions without being seen to be influenced by either of the rival camps.

(all found before the underage craigs list melbourne asian teen child prostitute emails from Garry)

OTO is represented Pro-Bono by where Nancy Henessy likes to go to fundraisers, and where Garry Burns gets his free lawyers from ( / DLA Philips Fox)


PETITION NOW WITH with 10,813 supporters against pedophile camps, the same kind that Garry Burns demand money to go to when he extorts 20k cash from Jeff Kennett to give to this child abuse cult!


Our Kids have rights! Let's Protect them.

Look at what “Safe Schools” resources include:

Gay and lesbian sex techniques
Boys wearing girls school dresses
Chest binding for girls to inhibit breast growth
Penis tucking
Sex toy links
LGBT networks
Fetish club links



– The Liberal and National Coalition will cut all Federal funding to Safe Schools, however this does not stop or ban the program which comes under the authority of State Education Ministers.
– Labor has committed a further $6 million in funding to the Safe Schools program (Federal election 2016 Labor commits $6m for safe schools)
– The Greens have committed to increasing Federal funding for the Safe Schools program to $32 million. They also seek to repeal religious exemptions allowing the state to impose the Safe Schools program on faith-based schools.

Mother of four Cella White speaks in detail about how she withdrew her children from Frankston High School in Victoria in order to protect them from the so called ‘Safe Schools’ program.

VIDEO: Watch Steve, a heroic father, talk about the ‘Safe Schools’ program in his daughter’s school.

George Christensen exposes Safe Schools Coalition Australia adult sex links in federal parliament

George Christensen shows adult sex links

Note: These links were active at the time of publication of the Safe Schools program in 2015.

Why Safe Schools is really “Unsafe Schools”

The Safe Schools Coalition Australia (SSCA) links to pornographic web content, sex shops, adult online communities and sex clubs. It encourages many risky sexual activities.
It is so controversial that the Prime Minister has ordered a review of the Federal Government’s funding for the program.  
SSCA was created at the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society at La Trobe University. Many SSCA resources have been produced by Minus18. Both have received Victorian government and the Federal government has provided $8 million to SSCA. It was first rolled out in Victorian schools.
More recently, the program has been expanded across Australia to over 520 schools. The Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, has declared that it is to be compulsory in all Victorian schools by 2018.

Kids have rights, and those rights must be protected

All children have the right not to be bullied at school or online. Anti-bullying programs must emphasise respect for each and every other person, not single out any one group as though only that group faces bullying.
Parents have the right to decide when it is the right time to talk to their children about intimate LGBTI issues, not the state and not the school.
Parents have the right to determine what values they want taught to their children. Of concern is that the person who set up the Safe Schools Coalition Australia, Roz Ward, claims that the program is part of a strategy to radically change society as claimed by its creator, Roz Ward, who claims that “the homosexual cannot win liberation without a general sexual liberation.”
While children an education in human biology appropriate to their age, they also have the right to be protected by the state and by their schools from the Safe Schools Coalition program that links to pornographic web content, sex shops, adult online communities and sex clubs.
Check out which schools have signed up to the Safe Schools program:
NSWVictoriaSouth AustraliaWestern AustraliaTasmaniaACTNorthern TerritoryQueensland; Note: Queensland and NSW schools in the program are not named on the SSCA web site.
This petition will be sent to Federal, State and Territory governments promoting and funding Safe Schools Coalition Australia (SSCA).

The Petition

To Prime Minister Turnbull, and State Premiers and Territory Chief Ministers, and Federal, State and Territory Education Ministers:
We the undersigned object to any government permitting, promoting and/or funding the Safe Schools Coalition Australia (SSCA) program for schools.
We object strongly to:
  • SSCA resources providing school students with links to pornographic web content, sex shops, adult online communities and sex clubs;
  • the program promoting risky behaviour such as chest-binding and gender transition treatment;
  • students being taught how to cover their internet browsing history so their parents may not know what they are accessing online;
  • the promotion of a wide variety of risky sexual activities as normal behaviour;
  • the SSCA program being part of a strategy to radically change society as claimed by its creator, Roz Ward, who says that “the homosexual cannot win liberation without a general sexual liberation.”
We the undersigned urge your government to promote and fund genuine anti-bullying programs that teach students to respect each and every person, and call on your government to defund and remove the SSCA program from schools.

Salvo Back-Down on “Safe Schools” – A Small But Welcome Start

Two weeks ago I wrote about how the Salvation Army in Victoria proudly published on their website their complete endorsement of the diabolical "Safe Schools" program. It was utterly shocking, and caused widespread angst, consternation and criticism – and rightly so - from countless ordinary Salvos and concerned Christians worldwide.
In the past 14 days TSA received heaps of flak from folks in Australia and overseas, so much so that the National Salvo leadership was forced to step in and order a review of the whole sad episode. As a result, TSA has gone from complete (Victorian) support of this wretched program to qualified (National) support.
ssc-ward-8That is a small but welcome step. Of course the Victorian Salvo leadership should never have gone down this path in the first place. Just what were they thinking? A filthy and perverted pro-homosexual indoctrination program created by an avowed Marxist is something they could wholeheartedly support and endorse? Seriously?
So we are indeed grateful that so many ordinary believers let their concerns be known to the Salvos, and that they saw the need to take a somewhat new direction on all this. That is good news and that is clearly an answer to probably millions of prayers.
The new statement is far from satisfactory, but at least it is a step in the right direction, and we can hope that things continue to improve from hereon in. Here in full is the new national statement which circumvents the older Victorian one:
Salvation Army Announces National Position On Safe Schools
The Salvation Army is a Christian movement dedicated to sharing the love of Jesus. We purposefully work to reveal this love to everyone by building loving communities combined with the provision of spiritual, emotional and material support. Our compassionate participation has evolved over 136 years of service in all spheres of the Australian community, especially to people who are vulnerable, suffering and underprivileged and we are humbled that our efforts are so widely welcomed, encouraged and supported.
This non-discriminatory commitment to love and serve others is highlighted in our international mission statement which says we are: ‘to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination’. We believe that God loves everyone. We call on all Salvationists and community members to show this same love to others.
We have zero tolerance for bullying and as such, there is no situation where it is acceptable. Every person regardless of race, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, age or religion has the right to feel safe so they can achieve their full God-given potential. We emphasize that the alarming high rate of bullying and suicide among LGBTIQ school students evokes deep concern within The Salvation Army.
There are many accounts of marginalised students benefiting from aspects of the Safe Schools programs which have resulted in a safer, more caring culture forming in those schools. In this regard, we recognise the program’s intent to address bullying. Whilst acknowledging such positive outcomes, The Salvation Army cannot unconditionally support the Safe Schools programs in Australia in their current form. We believe there needs to be consideration and refinement to the scope and form of implementation.
We believe the availability of support services for every vulnerable student including those identifying as LGBTIQ is vital. We also believe the provision of a government approved anti-bullying program needs to consider all high risk student groups. To this end, The Salvation Army is open to working with State and Federal Governments and other agencies to develop a program that more comprehensively addresses the issues associated with bullying within schools.
We call on all Salvationists and the community at large to treat each other with respect and grace. Jesus said that after loving God, the second most important commandment is to love our neighbour as we love ourself. Everyone has the right to always feel safe and to be treated with respect and grace.
For further information or to make comment, please email the National Secretary for Communications at -
As mentioned, this is a good start, although there are probably more questions raised then answered here. All we are told is that TSA “cannot unconditionally support” the SS program and “there needs to be consideration and refinement to the scope and form of implementation”.
What exactly that means is of course anyone’s guess. What sort of “consideration and refinement” are we talking about here? A few bits of tinkering around the edges, or something much more fundamental? Given that the entire program is about Marxist social engineering and the total promotion of all things homosexual and transgender, along with the complete assault on gender and sexuality as God designed it, cosmetic changes certainly will not suffice.
One could also assess the new statement in terms of the whole counsel of God. In the 400-word statement, the word ‘love’ is mentioned 9 times. We also have plenty of words from the progressive lexicon such as discrimination, compassion, tolerance, sexual orientation, and the like.
But how many times do we find biblical words and concepts like the following mentioned: holiness, righteousness, purity, sin, justice, marriage, the sin of homosexuality, and so on? Not once. All in all this reads like something that the Labor left or the Greens might have written, rather than something William and Catherine Booth might have penned.
One can understand seeking to be very careful in what one says publically, especially when government funding is involved. However Christian organisations should never shy away from proclaiming biblical truth in all its fullness. But the fact that this retraction of sorts has occurred is something I and many others can applaud as a first step.
It remains to be seen however how all this will pan out. As mentioned, if just a few cosmetic changes are run with, then we are back to square one. But if a substantial and deep-rooted set of changes if proffered, then we will be moving in the right direction indeed.
For what it is worth, my suggestion would be that they not support the SS program at all, and instead develop a genuine anti-bullying program which covers everyone, and is not just a cheap excuse for homosexual propaganda and proselytising.
In the meantime, please keep praying for the Salvo leadership, and please keep letting them know what you think. Well done to all of you who prayed, and all of you who raised your voices and expressed your deep concerns. You are champs.
In this case, people power certainly worked.
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