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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Same sex Marriage is Nothing but left wing Politcs, Pauline Hanson and Donald Trump being elected prooves that

The election of both Pauline Hanson and Donald Trump in Landslides proves this. Both politicians (or President Elect USA) who are traditional no same sex marriage . This is the reason why The same sex marriage Plebiscite was overturned in Australia as this is those that are pushing same sex marriage 
(Cultural Marxist left wing) Politics is the reason for taking the right of say for all Australians over this fundamental issue of !Marriage equality from the people and handing it over to the Politicians. 

With the outcome of Pauline Hanson being resurrected in the Australian Senate, and Donald Trump in the States. Means that people want the right to decide on important issues, not have it railroaded through Parliament.

In say it is NOT 60% of the people want same sex marriage and I say less than 10% and hardliners wanting same sex marrriage and less than 2% of the population was  dedicated to this issue of same sex Marriage. 

If we want to know the truth of the number we must have a Plebiscite and give all a say - anything else is undemocratic, taking away our rights and leaving Politics open to the propaganda pollsters and pushing issues upon all Australians without knowing the truth. 

I suggest that This is all properganda and lies and I am totally behind 
Pauline Hanson  over this issue and we are getting outright to  say No !!! to same sex marriage if the Plebiscite legislation is defeated. All Australians deserve the right to have a choice over this  very important decision and are loosing that choice if it is a parliamentary vote. I agree with Pauline Hanson
Over this issue and now the Plebiscite has been defeated in the senate I suggest that all Australians must speak out against the Totalitarian ideology of 

There is a number of these Homosexual rights groups and they all have a heavy role in social media, that is why that such a small percentage of the population (no more than 5% and real figures down to less than 2% of the population) can have a Huge effect. The leaders of these groups are excellent in the use of social media, social marketing, and the use of propaganda and lies to push a Political Agenda for same sex Marriage through the use of Mass Media and social media (marketing) to telling lies and use properganda. The way I take this from  History Joseph Goebells using propaganda to deceive the German people with Nazi ideology 1933-45

We all need to listen to Politicians like Pauline Hanson and even Donald Trump and we must have a Plebiscite with the whole truth about same sex marriage put to the Australian people. 

I bet your bottom dollar that the Gay rights groups and marriage equality groups all know that when people find the real truth of same sex  marriage and Cultural Marxism and Political correctness

I promise all that I will devote to push this message to the day I die or Jesus Christ returns

Written by John Christopher Sunol 

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