Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Some of Trump campaign media will hype up a frenzie and this is one time

This can often be propaganda and the trouble makers fro,m the equal rights lobbies send people to start fights at Trumps rallies. If this is proven in the United states I feel the best thing is to get the local police, FBI and other law enforcement agencies, and lock up all of these trouble makers. 

This is why Trump won in a landslide as the majority of Americans are happy living their own peaceful lives and do not want radical feminism Cultural Marxism or political correctness in their faces and they elected Donald Trump to stop this rot from spreading any further. If these people want to start trouble, then it becomes the job of the FBI and other law authorities to  arrest them and put them before the courts. I  back Donald Trump over this and no nonsense should taken lightly. 

I believe that Donald Trump has one and he did it honestly these trouble makers need to shut their big mouths or be put before the courts and fined or poisoned for trouble making

Written  and published by John Christopher Sunol 

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