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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Someone is trying to get me off line by attacking my IP adress

My desktop is off line agaim, I will get this fixed. I feel that there is people who want me off line, they are attacking my IP address. I will get this fixed this time again, but let me tell these people . I will mever come off line unless I M locked away in prison and put in a solitary cell, and kept there where I can not get access to compiters as I have a good fight to fight against Homosexual rights and I just will not stop. 

Let me tell those people I have a Galaxy Note  pad computer and I live in my own home within a 10 minute walk and plenty of public transport (where I get the Pensionee $2.50 ticket per day) close to piblic shopping centers and Libaries. 
You can notandI will notlet you lot stop me

Written and Published by John christopher sunol  

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