Friday, 25 November 2016

Someone is trying to get me off the net and to show stop publishing online

Some one is trying to get off the net - I know who that someone is as it comes from these vases that I have had over the past 11 years

I do not accept them and I will not accept them of am willing to accept the decisions that came out of them. Lies were produced to the courts for these cases to be substantiated and I will not honour the agreements reached in them as I do not even recognise the decisins. 

As for the $55,000 AWARDED  AGAINST ME i do not have this moneu can not get it and not even willing to negotiate this as I just will not recognise  the decision. Thus I am not even willing to talk tomthe liar and Psycho ,an who is completely pbsessed with being a anti discrimination campaiger that he call this HIS JOB when in reality he is living in complete delusions..

Thus Iaamnot even willing to go anyfurther but say this to  the person(s) involved you teach me no lesson as I am not willing to evedn discuss paying you the money so gofor everything you can get from me and more as I am not willing to disguss this any further. 

Garry: listen to me and listen good, go full put buster and you are surer to fail, but I will meverboe down to you, give in or stop

That is all I have to say

Written and published by  John Christopher Sunol 

I am not even willing to recognize where I have gone wrong, I am being Framed by a Phsyco man obessed with being a great Anti discriminarion campaiger who beleive this HIS JOB. He is obssessed with calling himself a public interest campaigner. I challenge him on this statement:" PUBLIC INTEREST CAMPAIGER" he is no public interest campaigner to me.  He is  just a person with Psyciatric conditions (A Psycho "living in his own delusions") who beleives that he is working for the public interest in taking people like me (and others) to accourt on homosexual villification/discrimination.


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