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Thursday, 3 November 2016

The Law is an Ass, Villification legislation passed n 1993:Clover Moore

The 1993 legislation of homosexual vilification amendment introduced  by the then MP for Bligh who was also the Sydney Lord Mayor is an "ass"  this law is not being used as it was meant for, it is being used as weapon for the financial gains of one person.

I have been ordered to pay this man "Garry "aka Gary Burns the some of $53,477.43 plus his  legal fees in recovering this money.

This is a travesty of justice  and very wrong for this man "Garry" aka Gary Burns To make money like this through telling lies abusing this  legislation.

I want this to go viral all over the world so that everyone knows what is happening in NSW Australia with this so called law to end what is being set up by propaganda to end Gay hate crime. 

This legislation rather that doing what it was "supposed to have been meant for" it is being used by one individual as a means of him manipulating the courts for financial gain. 

If the mainline media will not take  this up I will publish this myself on line via social media as I want all to know "That this piece of law is an ass"  and being corruptly used by nominally one man. 

This also leads to the courts being used as a weapon of revenge for this one person (which 'is not' what they are designed for)

The courts have never been designed both in Politics  or the public domain to be used as a weapon of revenge. The courts and tribunals are set up as a means of enacting the law for the benefit of the  people. They were never designed to be misused as a means of gaining financial benefits for one person and being used as a weapon of Revenge.

Written by John Christopher Sunol 

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