Sunday, 6 November 2016

the legislation I want to see rid off, the Homosexual vilification bill 1003 by Clover Moore.

This is the piece of legislation that never should have existed in NSW. It is this legislation that Henry Collier took me on in the Collier Vs Sunol cases to set precedents for vilification on the net. Then when Henry Collier died Garry Burns took up the reigns and was worst, told more lies to work on this. 



Then Garry Burns took over from Henry Collier after Henry Collier passed away in 2009

This obituary was in the Sydney Star Observer, 23 September 2009:

Vale, Henry Collier

by Ani Lamont
Tuesday, 22 September 2009

(Photo accompanied obituary notice in The Sydney Star Observer)
Community stalwart and Sydney Star Observer board member Henry Collier died last week after a heart attack, aged 69.
Collier, an academic, was dedicated to seeing equality for gay and lesbian Australians realized.
He served as treasurer for the Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby from 1993-98, was a board member of the Sydney Star Observer for the past three years and over the years had dedicated time to the Gay and Lesbian Immigration Task Force and was a representative to the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board’s Gay and Lesbian Consultation Group. He also held the position of national treasurer for the Australian Democrats.
ACON CEO Stevie Clayton presided as co-convenor of the GLRL during Collier’s time with the organisation.
“He was a passionate advocate for our community and for human rights,” she said. “Henry devoted time to being treasurer, because he knew that was an area of desperate need for any community organisation, and so he did that because he knew the Lobby really needed it.
“Separate to that, he was involved in every single debate and discussion that happened about every rights issue that came along.
“He was involved in organizing every rally and every community event. He was a prolific writer of letters and someone who got involved in every cause where he saw injustice.”
Sydney Star Observer chairman Daniel Bone spoke of a man with “a deep understanding and concern for not just the SSO, but the wider gay and lesbian community.”
“Henry was one of the ‘old guard’ of pioneering gay men, who was prepared to speak up about injustices and he put in countless hours to help improve the lives of all Australian gays and lesbians, without any expectation of thanks or public recognition,” Bone said. “Henry will be sadly missed, our thoughts are with his partner.”

Collier was survived by his partner C.K. His funeral service was held at the Dubbo Memorial Gardens Crematorium on Thursday September 24, from 3pm.


I put the whole scenario of me loosing my taxi licence and being taken to court on false lies, as a set up to further this legislation. I am doing to dedicate myself to see this repealed and the 1977 Anti discrimination bill revised

I can not blame Garry fully for this, as it he was not doing this job someone else could come in his place, it is the legislation that must go as it has been abused to the stage where i have to pay over 

$53,477.43 to one man who made false complaints under this piece of legislation

and I am bankrupt and expected to get this amount of money. 

I am afraid this just can not and will not happen as it is a travesty of justice for this to even happen. 

This needs to go world wide and made public as this legislation must be made accountable for this happening and the person who introduced it to the NSW parliament back in 1993, some 23 years ago

Published and written by John Christopher Sunol

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