Friday, 18 November 2016

The man who is taking me to court (Garry Burns ) is full of bullshit and completely useless

This material has been going on for years.  The self-procleimed "homosexual activist" is still stuck with his pathological obsession with my blog, consistent with his psyche report that I have read.   He is still telling me porkies (lies) to get me to sign a contract to pay him $53,000 phoney homosexual vilification damages awards, TO BE PAID INTO HIS POCKET, in instalments.  I am not going to lie down or accept any conditions from this Anti-Discrimination Board patsy and fall guy.   If he wants the money he will have to try and force me.  Good luck with that "Gary" or "Garry" (whatever name you choose for different legal jurisdictions).    I do not have the money and cannot (or will not ever if I had it) pay you one brass razoo.   I would not pay you, even if I had the money.   I would not help fund your corrupt lifestyle defrauding the Commonwealth of a mental disability pension while taking first class plane trips to stay in the Colombo Hilton Hotel, Sri Lanka, on gay sex tours. Who sent over 500 emails from your gmail inbox to the inbox of Luke McKee on April 26, 2016?   How and why did this happen?  Your depraved lifestyle is exposed.  This will not damage you, but it will damage the judgement of the Anti-Discrimination Board of New South Wales for using such a corrupt person as their patsy.  That organisation is going to be held to account for accepting, so far, 79 pathetic vexatious and frivolous complaints from you against this blog.   You are just the fool they are using to make themselves look good to justify their budget and to justify the need for the 1993 homosexual amendment to the Anti-Discrimination Act.   

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol

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