Friday, 11 November 2016

The Origins of Political correctness (cultural Marxism - the Frankfurt School of social thought)

This comes out of the Frankfurt school of social thought (Cultural Marxism). This where Gay rights come from and same sex marriage is part of this political philosophy which is predominant today. This is oneof the reasons I state that same sex marriage is nothing to do with Love, it is all Politics. 

The Homosexual lobby and other groups such as the Marriage equality groups are pushing for homosexual rights and same sex marriage as this is there expression and goals to bring a socialist/Marxist collective sociiety based off the Marxist/soacialist philoosphy of a collective society where all thoughts and life conceptualisations are controlled off a collective society based of a socialist/Marxist ideology. this ideology is Anti religion (against Christianity) and replaces economic disparity as in the original  lennism and Marxism/German Social workers party as at the end of world   war 1,  then replaces woamns meights as in the womans Femenist movement in the 1960's, 70's and 80's with Homosexual rights  in the 21st century.   

This is the rights movement and very politcal of the 21st century and I want to point out. This is the new Cultural revolution of today from a Fabian socialist prospective which is the Predominant ideology today (of the 21st Century)

Much similar in Essence to the Chinese Cultural revolution in the 1960's under Moa Zedong The same is happening today under Political correctness which incorporates same  sex marriage and other similar equal rights.

Political correctness is what started this whole 21st Century  debarkelp on same sex Marriage. 
Written annd published by John christopher Sunol 

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