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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The united states prepares for all out war at any moment

The United states is Preparing for an all out war with Russia and this could happen at any time without warning.

We ar living in precarious times unparelled with any other time in  was could History, Times of today are un paralleled with most other times in History

This can be see with The amount of catastrophic vents happening today
The coming much further than just The idears of world war 3 being East vs West is not just it was one thought. In reality World war 3 will be much More comples than these old idears based on the comventional aspects   of a comples war that that of  WW1 and WW2

Islamic state and terror attacks  make sure of this mixed with Religeous Fundamentalism and Jihadist will make World war 3  much different to Word wars 1 and 2.

Plus I beleive we are Living in the days directly before the return of Jesus Christ
During these days  times will be bad and getting worst, Much like it is today

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