Sunday, 27 November 2016

The world is becoming one : I believe this is going the wrong way under Political Correctness

If you look  into this more deeply online you will see it forming and there is alot about this in 2016 for those who look .Same sex marriage and Political Correctness (Cultural Marxism) is all part of this and that os what this is about

These are the main reasons I am bring taken to court, it is nothing to do with vilification. It is a ploy to shut me up and the accusations of vilification are not true as they are only a cop out to justify getting court orders on me as they do not want me to speak out. 

We are all becoming one One in substance and one in culture and will Globalization create a One world Culture 

This is the Ultimate Goal of !Political Correctness and Cultural Marxism

This is the ideology behind the massive social change we are undergoing today and kt is going to get worst until Jesus Christ steps foot on Mount Zion for a second time (Zechariah 14:4)

Written and Published by John Christopher sunol 

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