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Thursday, 24 November 2016

This is me in Australia, !!! All take Note!!!

Right wing Anti Homosexual

This is  me in Australia and I am proud to say that. I amnot extreme but I have lot more in common with These people than I do with the Left wing Political correctness and Cultural Marxism who are Pro Gay Rights

Those who are Taking me to court are only doing this for a Political reason and it has othing to do with villification or victimizatiion,they are all to justify taking me as in Australia if you told the real reasons, being politcal that would go against the man, putting in so many false complaints. 

This happens as I beleive That homosexuality is an addiction brought on by demoniic and evil spirits telling lies to all of those embodied in this addiction.

The only way out of this Addiction is to accept Jesus Christ in your life And then allow him to delever you from this addiction and He can assure you of complete healing from the addiction of homosexuality - Jesus will deliver us from hoosexuality and save us from this sin

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 


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