Monday, 7 November 2016

This law is the Major problem that is being used to stop people from speaking out against corruption

This is the NSW state legislation that is used against me and which the man taking me court uses as his justification for being paid $53,477.43  for his services to this law. 

I see this as blatant corruption and an attack upon the free rights of public speech to force all to accept and say nothing against issues like Gay rights and same sex marriage. 

This attack upon me and other come from groups like The gay rights lobby and other like Marriage Equality

These groups want to destroy the traditional marriage setting (Nuclear Marriage) and replace it With Marriage Diversity (marriage equality) more commonly known as Gay Marriage or same sex marriage.

I agree with people Like Alex Jones from Info wars over these issues.

Both of these groups : come From a political correctness thinking which is Cultural Marxism  and from the realms of woman eights groups more commonly nown as Radical Femenism:

Written by John Christopher Sunol 

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