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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Tiawan first Asian nation to accept same sex marriage

This is massive as it is NOT in Chinese Culture to accept same sex marriage. Chinese culture is predominantly hetrosexual only and same sex marriage is a western phenomena. Even someone like Pauline Hanson wants a plebiscite (or free chosen this) which In feel would Also be Donald Trumps answer to the same sex marriage question as well and I would Back Donald trump over this

With Taiwan now accepting this, same sex marriage is being forced upon the whole world as a political left wing Cultural Marxist agenda (political correctness) Traditional Chinese culture  (or better known as Eastern Culture only accepts the nuclear family, one man and one female of the opposites sex for the main reasons of procreation, but this homosexuality  and same sex marriage is a western cultural experience that is being thrust upon the world due to left wing Politics. 

Written and Published by John Christopher sunol 

They feare were deliberately blown out of proportions to thrust same sex marriage on all in a totalitarian Marxist style system. 

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