Tuesday, 15 November 2016

To use the courts as a weapon, Garry who took me to court and awarded $53,000 does this.

As you will see from this list of court cases I have had and we have much much more coming on this page, so wait watch and see. 

I take it as corruption big time and we need to rid NSW of the Homosexual Anti Vilification law. This bill is not being used for the purpose it was mean for and used by only one or two people. If you read my case lists I am one of the people that is has been corruptly used on.  This man who is taking me to court is using the courts and this anti discrimination / vilification legislation for the wrong purpose. The original meaning was to use it as a tool to get compensation for a person being unfairly victimized or vilified, This is first mean for conciliation and if conciliation did not work out then at the last it could go for a decision with the New South Wales Administrative decisions tribunal, (called Newcat in 2016). It has never been used for this purpose it was mean for as there is no need except for two people.

1. Henry Collier in the Collier vs Sunol cases

then the second person came in and that was Garry Burns

2. Garry Burns who took over from Henry Collier and carried on his abuse of the law on me plus took on  others with the precedents set, 

Garry Burns only used this law as a weapon, and the law is not mean to be used as a weapon. Garry Burns uses the law all of the time hitting his victims with many cases one after another not go obtain justice or find a settlement, (otherwise he would go and find conciliation). He always refuses conciliation and demands a substantiation of the cases and compensation. 

All he wants is for all cases to be substantiated and then go for compensation based on false evidence usingg his own lies.

I am afraid he uses this as a weapon to gain money ($53,000 as he did off me) and gain a sense of worth and accomplishing something for the end of his own self Ego. 

This legislation has never been used by anyone for the purpose it was originally legislated for, I am going to show how it is used corruptly and why we must demand that the NSW government repeals the 1993 Anti Vilification Amendment on homosexuals as it is a waste of time being used corruptly by a certain individual to full fill his own self gratifications. 

Over time i will add other posts to this blog to show hos this is corruptly used and why we need to repeal this legislation as it is only a waste of tax payers money and time

As a conclusion: Thr main root problem is the Anti villification legislation if the legislation did not exist, then we would be no problem. If Ted Pickering  (NSW state police minister during this time) had not crossed the Floor on 
November 30 1993 to vote for Clover Moores Private Bill on Homosexual Villification ammendment Bill all those years ago (23 years ago. We would not have this problem and Garry could not have abused this legislation and used it like a weapon to attack people like he has. So Garry is not the problem, the root cause of the problem is the legislation itself.

Published and written by John Christopher Sunol\

this is what they think of this law but it is not working
We must show the public this. 

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