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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Truth about Zgeek

The truth about zgeek - This is what Zgeek thinks of those who were one of the reason for all my cases starting

This is the Bill that is being abused and needs to be repealed
Passed by only one vote - Fred Pickering - ex minister for Police NSW state government at the time who crossed the floor to get this passed. 

If it was not for Fred Pickering MP crossing the floor none of this would have happend and I would not have to pay Garry $53,877.41 on 2016

This is one of the original sites made up from Zgeek to mock me jup back in 2005 and the design was helped by the Henry Collier who took  me on with These shonky cases (collier vs Sunol)

This was all a scam job done on me All the cases of collier vs Sunol and this set big precedents to law which was used for enforcement of the Anti vilification of homosexuals amendment 1993 by Clover Moore

Zgeek was a part of this scam, a major part right at the beginnings before the days of Garry burns - these bunch of trouble makers hhad their leader (Pirate) "Tony Briscanscani"  and their computer expert (Sasq) "Danny Webb" from Japan give false evidence which helped shape the outcome if my first (Collier vs Sunol case in 2005) which was the precedent to start the ball rolling on All the cases in this list

This is a real travesty of justice that went on for the next 11 years. 

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