Friday, 25 November 2016

Turkey could re-open the Flood Gates of Refuggees from North Africa and the Middle East into Europe

This is very serios, Turkey A member of NATO since 1949 has also applied to become A member of the European Union Turkey is also over 90% 99% Islamic with the majority - Being of the Sunni beleif

Turkey has just recently Had a failed coup (Military) but the Islamic Hardliner Edkor stopped this and purged The military and thousands of public servants to gain a hardline leadership. Turkey is seen as the Ancient crossroads of civilizations "Eas tand West"

For these reasons alone Turkey is in a very strategic situation and if Turkey and the EU can not resolve their differences then Turkey Joins in with Islamic countries in themiddle East, Europe has a numberof very seious problems.

Written and Published by John christopher sunol 

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