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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

We are entering a very dangerous phase of time in the world, I have to ask thequestion, Does President Trump have the capacity tod deal with these dangerous tiimes

I would liketo put this to the world and in doing such I will as this question to the world :

Whils I would be extremely confident that President Elect Donald Trump can deal with most trade and economic crisis that arises without a question. He has dealt with Multi Billionaire companies in the past and know this very well. 


On another level, does President Elect Trump have the capacity to deal with a serious national security issue and can he hand these issues (including the management of external conflict if a crisis arose with his term of office, can he delegate the running of these issues over to the National security heads and Military Cheifs of staff (CIA director, FBI director, Generals in Army, Admirals in Navy and Field Air Marshall in air-force when dealing with issues to deal with the issue to do with National Security). 

If he can relinquish control in these areas in times of heightened alerts, he could turn out to be a good president but if not and these issues over he has a possibility at becoming a dictator and to head down that road is not where we want to go as it will be very bad for the America and the world as a whole. I will say no more and wait and see what happens.

Published and written by John Christopher Sunol 

Trump declared President of the United States

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