Wednesday, 9 November 2016

When Trump won, Pauline Hansons one nation party in Australia was overjoyed

 she even would like to become Australia's own version of Donald Trump 

This is what I expected as these form of groups are  becoming very dissoluteness with the mainline groups. People like Trump and Hanson (people with view seen as extremists are becoming more popular all of the time as they seem to the average person to offer a way out in  times of  crisis.

Only 12 years later (1945) Hitler Came to a dipterous end at the completion of world war 2 (August 1945). we need to take ultimate care and not work off our emotions. work from what we God tells us  and allot of that can be seen as Gut instinct along with logical commonsense knowing the Historical significant factors and a number of other logical factors. 

This was a surprising election with suppresses coming out at the very end. It is just like a jack in the box.

Times from now on will be very interesting and I will talk about it on this blog in reference to Agenda 2030 and the second return of Jesus Christ 

Published and written by John Christopher Sunol

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