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WITH Trump's win The Democratic Party/NSW ADB's religion of gay child rape: Alister Crowley's OTO will be DESTROYED!

This is great news for America! It's really bad news for Australian children though. All these confirmed Democrat OTO kiddy rape cult members say they will be Trump Refugees coming to Australia now. 

Australia needs to secure it's borders now from US Democrat OTO GAY CHILD RAPING PEDO SCUM as well Syrian Refugees. America only grants <150 citizenship applications to Australians per year. Now is the time to return the favor to save our children from boylovers like Garry Burns.

To save Australia's children from Democrat filth, if you are such a child raping democrat then please read this about how your own IRS that you sent against conservatives will be turned against you now.

Watch Wikileaks and NYPD embolded by Trumps win dump the motherload of the leftist pedophilia scandals, just like the Scandals we back home with Australia with Gay judges saying it's a crime not to love sex with little boys like he does.



It's going to be horrible and devastating!

(I didn't write that ^^^)

Celebrate the end of Hillary Clinton, linked to by Wikileaks to the Jewish Founded O.T.O Satanic Paedophile CULT. Get on the Trump Train!

This video was tweeted by WikiLeaks. It’s a big deal.

And this one wasn’t. It’s a bigger deal. (Alex Jones Show)

No really, I’ll jump on my motorbike in Vietnam with a Make America Great Again sign, and a picture of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg with who Hillary and John Kerry appointed to be ambassador in Vietnam, a gay baby flesh buyer Ted Osius with his bought and paid for kids. Ted Osius who went to the Muslim country where Obama went to Islamic School (Indonesia) and tried to break their laws to buy a baby when he was there as the first gay baby flesh buyer in Indonesia, whilst representing your government for Hillary Clinton’s State Department. The sign will say “TRUMP IS IN! - GAY BABY FLESH BUYERS GET OUT OF NAM!”

To see the pictures and proof of the facts I speak of you might want to check out these two links:

The Other McCain - Known CPAC Trump’s associate: Australian Gay-Marriage Crusader Was Fugitive Wanted on FBI Kiddie Porn Charge
See the comments for all the pictures of Ted Osisus trying to gay baby flesh buy in a country governed by Islamic principals whilst representing the US State Department. It’s on his boyfriend that he breaks Democratic policy and uses the word “husbands” blog here: Losing Septi
Ruth Ginsbug had to make a formal apology to Trump during the campaign. I wonder why?
THE FBI Came for these Gay Marriage activist who rose to fame on the run for infant sex child porn charges, it’s a pity they are not coming for Hillary, but maybe they will again after a changing of the guard. NYPD is still working on the child sex angle to the new 640,000 emails.
DRAIN THE SWAP. Kick out the perverts!

What’s false? You don’t believe Ted Osius and his “husband” Clayton Bond (ooh he used a democrat banned word) went to the country where Obama went to Islamic school and tried to be the first gay baby buying filth in that country? It’s on their own friggen blog - trying to break the law of a foreign country where they had diplomatic immunity working for the state department. Google “Loosing Septi Djakata Djournal” it’s on their own blog! It’s not a conspiracy theory. There there is ASEANPRIDE.COM A State Department US Embassy Government controlled website “Celebrating Gay Family” in a country where it’s illegal for gay men to buy babies - and an American taxpayer funded tranny bar party to boot. Osius bought a second baby boy (gay dads need little boys don’t they) was given a send off by Kerry and Ruth Buzzy Ginsberg - the same scrag who had to apologize for abusing Trump in the election cycle. The OTO Spirt Cooking kiddy fucking revelations are all coming out. TEAM CHILD FUCK DEMOCRAT IS GOING DOWN. Next you will be saying Terry Bean Obama’s dear friend charged with underage boy anal rape wasn’t on the Lolita Express MK II also known as Air-force One with Obongo. Democrats love to deny reality don’t they? That shows they are really in the twilight zone. I’m printing out my TRUMP IS IN - GAY BABY FLESH BUYERS OUT OF NAM sign with English and Vietnamese on it today. Also I still need to get some red baloons! It will be just like the Vietnamese riding around on their bikes after America lost the war.
Maya Benowitz
Luke McKee

I’m afraid I don’t understand your democrat lingo. Speaking of SPACE - I saw Hillary Clinton live at Ehwa Femnist Man hating university in Korea when I was there in 2009. She said SHE WAS A NASA SPACE CADET. YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS SHIT UP. Let me find the transcript of the speech, the video is no longer online. Your scrag is a self-admitted SPACE CADET. HAHA. You walked right into that one didn’t you?

SECRETARY CLINTON: Oh, so many hands. (Laughter.) Yes, right there. Here comes a microphone.

QUESTION: Good afternoon, Madame Secretary. Welcome to Korea and welcome to Ewha Women’s University. It’s an honor to have you here with us today. I’ve read your biography before and you mentioned that you were once interested in for working for NASA. If you had not gone to law school and if you had not pursued your current career as Secretary of State, where and as who would you picture yourself now? Thank you.

SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, that’s a – (laughter) – that’s a hard question. Now, there is an astronaut here. Where is she? Where’s my astronaut that I met? There she is. There she is right there. (Applause.) I told her when I met her – (cheers and applause) – my dream was to be an astronaut when I was about 13 or 14 years old and the United States was starting its space program. So I wrote a letter to the NASA space agency and asked how I could become an astronaut. (Laughter.) And I got a letter back saying that they weren’t accepting women. (Chorus of boos, laughter, applause.)
Maya Benowitz
Luke McKee

You do know I’m an IT ENGINEER you bitch? Alan Turing wasn’t a faggot as many have claimed. He was framed up as that by MI5. Do you think a friggen bot will be launch an an assault like I did? Clearly you are the one that doesn’t look intelligent, in fact so low that your responses appear to be automated. Did you click on any of the clickbait I sent you designed to make democrat scum shit bricks? Haha Did you go to the USA Ambassador’s boyfriend (Clayton Bond’s) own blog where he admitted he tried to break Indonesian law and buy a baby? Obama went to school in Indonesia in a Muslim school and learn’t how wrong that is. Then he appoints a gay baby buyer, possibly a pedo to represent your great nation. I think Wikileaks is really exposing how deep the democrat’s connections to OTO paedophilia goes. The Spirit Cooking “PizzaComet” Party is over guys.

Maya Benowitz

Luke McKee

So someone who doesn’t support paedophilia normalization, or Obama putting a NAMBLA safe school’s tsar involved in CHILD ANAL FISTGATE in charge of “school safety” is mentally ill? Last time I checked those who sodomize infants have a mental illness. In Australia it’s against the law “homosexual vilification” to criticize Mark Newton and Peter Truong boylover members who were praised by state media before they got 40 years jail for screaming Russian infant anal rape. But because they said “I am gay” before and after the child rape - they are protected by Homosexual vilification law. Why not see the case law and details here: You can go speak to your friends Newton and Truong if you want - their address is on ‘s inmate finder.
(embedded video)

It is a crime to link to this video in Australia because it vilifies baby rapists, also known as Gay Marriage Activists. The Case law you can find by typing “abcplugspedos” into Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII)

I complain about the mental illness of pedophilia in the first post (sorry B4U was unsuccessful re-classifying pedophilia as a sexual orientation), and then you accuse me of being a mental patient for opposing a mental illness, specifically paedophiles at the helm of power? You seem to be implying sane people love raping kids in your parallel world democrat world?

Click on the link on this blog to watch a collection of videos from Fox News Hannnity, and Britebart showing who the pedophiles Obama works with. Also see that the Bill Democrats passed in California SB 48 to get children to praise Harry Hay undisputed founder of the Gay Rights Movement in America - See videos Harry Hay going into NAMBLA meetings and his famous “NAMBLA WALKS WITH ME” T-Shirt on at gay pride parade. Only child fucking democrats can make laws ordering teachers to praise those who love to fuck little boys. See the proof pedo lover. You should never go near children. God help us if you do. Australian Massive Anti-Feminist Youtube Activist Calls Canadian Safe Schools Lesbian Filth the "C" word after it got arrested

Luke McKee

It looks like your TEAM NAMBLA OTO Alister Crowley Acolyte paedophile cult CHILD RAPE CLUB lost the election. So you are going to have to leave America now to find the little girls?


Stephanopoulos's wife eyes 'real estate in Australia' if Trump wins

Getty Images
A Donald Trump victory over Hillary Clinton could mean a move to Australia for ABC News's chief political correspondent and anchor George Stephanopoulos, according to his wife.

"If Trump wins, we’ll start looking at real estate in Sydney, Australia," Ali Wentworth declared in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter this week.

"No crime, no guns," she added.
The Hollywood Reporter story doesn't indicate whether Wentworth, an actress and Stephanopoulos's wife of 15 years, was joking. 

Stephanopoulos, 55, is a former White House communications director and senior advisor for policy and strategy for President Bill Clinton
The "Good Morning America" co-anchor and host of the Sunday morning political affairs program "This Week" got into hot water last year after it was revealed he had donated $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation without disclosing it to his audience. 
He later said he regretted the donations.

13 Stars Who Vowed To Leave America If Trump Wins: Miley Cryus, Amy Schumer & More

Tue, November 8, 2016 4:54pm EST

Celebs Leaving America If Trump Wins 
All around Hollywood, bags are packed and ready to go in case Donald Trump clinches the presidency on Nov. 8. Miley Cyrus, Amy Schumer and eleven more stars said that if their girl Hillary Clinton doesn’t win, they’re moving out of the country! See them all, right here.

6. Cher. Cher is a powerful woman, so of course she’s supporting another powerful woman! “IF HE WERE TO BE ELECTED, IM MOVING TO JUPITER ” she wrote on Twitter on June 2015.
7. Whoopi Goldberg. Whoopi has always been an outspoken Democrat, but no candidate has ever made her want to leave America like Donald. “Maybe it’s time for me to move, you know. I can afford to go,” she said on The View in Jan..
8. Raven-Symone. Another lady from The View feels the same. Raven said in Feb. that she would move to Canada “if any Republican gets nominated.” We think she probably meant elected.
9. Keegan-Michael Key. He’s also ready to leave America for Canada. “It’s like, 10 minutes from Detroit,” he said to TMZ in Jan. “That’s where I’m from; my mom lives there. It’d make her happy too.”
10. Ne-Yo. Say it ain’t so! We can’t lose this talented R&B crooner! “Me and Drake gonna be neighbors (in Canada) if Donald Trump becomes president,” the cutie told TMZ one month before the election.
11. Samuel L. Jackson. He’s had it with this mother f***ing Trump in this mother f***ing election! Sam says he would be “moving my black ass to South Africa,” to Jimmy Kimmel.
12. Barbra Streisand. Babs love Hillary, and she said she wouldn’t hesitate to bail and run to Canada if Hil doesn’t take the W on Nov. 8.
13. Bryan Cranston. Heisenberg can handle drug lords, but he draws the line at Donald Trump. Bryan said he would “definitely move” if Donald wins. Yikes!
HollywoodLifers, will you follow in these stars’ footsteps if Donald becomes president? Share your thoughts with us!
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