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Monday, 14 November 2016

Zgeek sued for defamation (it was Zgeeks lies that caused Henry Collier to win Collier vs Sunol in 2005)

TheCollier vs sunol case in 2005 was the case which started this while set of littigaition - Zgeek are now being sued for defamation - Collier vs Sunol 2005

The 2005 Collier vs Sunol case was the case which set precents for myself and others. I did not have legal help back in 2005 and Henry Collier (a former University Lecurer in accounting did) This case was flawed as the leader of Zgeek (Pirate) appeared in court and told lies to back Henry Collier with his then admin worker (Sasq) who said to the courts it was impossible to hack into facebook. (Sasq  spoke to the  court as a phone linked up  call from South Korea.
The 2005 Collier case thus is flawed and I refuse to even recognise it. Thus I will not recognise any of my cases (beside the fact of the 1993 Clover Moores anti Villication of homosexuals I feel is bad law ands not needed ) and only being abused by one person (Garry Burns) who is living in his fantasies beleiving he is a sucessful antidiscrimination campaigner. (I will accept nothing else)

Henry collier ridiciuled me with that of Zgeek and they started in jest a cult whiich they called Sunolism mocking me whilst abusing the law to get substantiations. 

When Henry Collermpassed away feom an ilness In Sept 2009 by an illness, Garry Burns rook over and was worst. Now he iis demanding $53,877.41 off me which I refuse to accept, THIS IS TOTALY UNEGOTIABLE AS I WILL NOT PAY THEIFS WHO COMITT FRAUD. 

I do not have the money, can not get it and not willing to even disguss this. I am going to put this on my bankruptcy if possible.

Written by John Christopher Sunol 

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