Thursday, 15 December 2016

Dr George Adidjondro was one of the lecturers I had at the University of Newcastle in sociology and sociology of corruption

This man who is in the articles was one of the lecturers I had in the sociology of corruption who taught me how to fight corruption in an ethical way. He died some years ago with a sickness. 

This is why I will not give in as the people taking me to court are very corrupt and same sex marriage is political which i will fight for the rest of my life, that is only part of the story as once you get the militant homosexuals on your tail, they will keep on attacking you.

I I promise the world that I will never stop of give in the same as Dr George did to free East Timor from a corrupt Indonesian regime of Suharto

Fighting corruption is a hard battle but a battle I must persist in as those taking me to court are political and very corrupt. I will do as this man did with Indonesia in his days against Suharto, never give in and never stop as those taking me to court are cultural Marxist with a political agenda, 

I do not vilify and never will accept tribunal decisions being substantiated against me as I need to expose this to the world.

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol

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