Saturday, 10 December 2016

Homosexual Militants want a totalitarian homosexual state

This is war, all out war with the homosexual militant groups. All traditional family groups need to be made aware of These militant groups and we must oppose them on mass. write letters and do petitions on these groups. We ,ust directle oppose same sex marriage as this is not love It is POLOTICS, LEFT WING TOTALITARIAN DICTATORSHIP POLITICAL CORRECTNESS

As a nation and a people we must get up and speak for traditional marriage and against the homosexual agenda (Same sex Marriage ect) and against All militant homosexual rights groups and their Affiliates who are pushing for this Homosexual totalitarian dictatorship under Political correctness or Cultural Marxism

This is real not just talk AND NOW IS THE TIME TO GET UP AND OPPOSE SAME SEX MARRIAGE marriage and these Homosexual militant groups pushing for same sex marrage and homosexual totalitarian dictatorship

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 

(Please note this is not all homosexuals at all like what will be told, it is defined to members of homosexual militant groups who are active gay and lesbian rights lobbyists only - world wide) 

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