Saturday, 10 December 2016

I am being taken to task by members of the homosexual militant groups of homosexuals

Are all a Unethical attempt by 
I will never accept fault, but that I am being persecuted by members of the Militant Homosexual Lobby's (such as the GLRL) 
That want to set case law so they can Force homosexuality upon all by using hyped up case law  as a oppressive tool to carry out this  campaign.

I can not realy blame Garry Burns as he is realy a Phys-co pathetic man with various  psychotic problems being used by These Militant groups to unethically set their case law for Them

I will fight on to stop this case is being unethical set for the benefit of all Good Christian people and the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob through the power of Jesus Christ. I can not stop or give in but wage a spiritual war As Joshua was told to on the heathen tribes when he crossed over the Jordan River

We have two major enemies today, one as bad as the other but one (Radical Jihadist Islam) Very violent and oppressive which is fighting for total domination of the earth. 

Both of these groups are very oppressive but the latter Homosexual Militants
are very insideous and just as agile as the Islamic Militants but a lot more coercive and just as oppressive as that of Radical Islam

Both of these groups want a totalitarian control of the world and both of the groups are just as oppressive as each other.

I am openly defiant  to the Militant Homosexual groups where I will fight these groups for the rest of my life knowing this will be defeated by God 

Written and published by John Christopher Sunols 

Homosexual militant groups are very oppressive

Homosexual Militant Groups

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