Tuesday, 27 December 2016

I am going away for a week on New Years Eve (flying out to WA)

I am flying out to WA for one seek to attend a family function. I will still be contactable on my mobile (0468 309 0919) 

I will only be away for one week. 

This is the start of the comong year 2017  where I will spreading the poison to do my best to kill off same sex marriage. I would rather travel every where to meet many people who do not know me so I have the best chance to convince them of the The truth about same sex marriage / not just the properganda and bullshit spread by the homosexual militants and gay rights lobby

This will be a chance to start doing my campaigns fot 2017. Traveling around meeting people and spreading the Anti Same Sex Marriage and Anti homosexual messages to everyone and meet many people that know nothing of or about me. 

In otherwords spreading poison to kill off same sex marriage in people's minds 

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 

I will be away in Western Australia for just one week in the new year

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