Friday, 9 December 2016

I declare full scale war with all militant Homosexual groups where eber you are

There is not a lot of these groups but they have power over the world due to their activism and their dedication to their agenda. Most of their adherents are highly educated people from the Middle class to the upper middle. They are activist (lobbyists by nature) and push a left wing Marxist equal rights set  of issues,)

I am an open enemy of all of all of the militant homosexuals no matter where on this globe that they come from, that is NOT the LGBT groups of people, but the very small amount of militant homosexuals whom are all well educated political lobbyist. They are all very evil people and I am their open enemy. 

I declare all out war  with these groups and I am just as dedicated to push an Anti homosexual rights barrow as they are pro same sex rights and I am anti same sex rights.

Written and Published by John Christopher sunol 



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