Thursday, 1 December 2016

I had my taxi lisence taken away from me due to liars who told lies that i villify and set me up

I drove Cabs successfully between 2002 and 2012 and only lost it due to liars who set me up on a political campaign against me. I just will never accept responsibly neither will I stop writing or change as :

  1. I do not vilify and never have 
  2. I was set up and refuse to take responsibility
  3. I will obtain working in public again as I am free to go where I like and do what those who took me to court hate. Spread the truth and they will never stop me. 
  4. Not every Beanie Hynes, John M or Derby Swede
they are all liars and trouble makers which I refuse to accept anything else. 

I class all of my past cases a scam job by trouble makers and activists telling lies, I just will not accept the outcome of these cases as anything but Perjury of the legal systems

To add a littleextra, Those that caused me to loose my taxi authority were co,pletely vexasious and told lies to Politicians to direct lobby for me to loose this authory 

This man taking me to court all of the time "Garry Burns" is a complletely vexasious littigant (He is diretly responsible for me loosing my taxi authority by the lies he produced to authorities.

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol

Big message to Beanie Hynes
Bring it on and I will make sure that you do not succeed buster

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