Tuesday, 13 December 2016

I have some more cases coming up in 2017 (Burns vs Sunol)

Garry Burns has just just sent me a further three cases towards me for the coming year 2017. I only received this in the mail yesterday Tuesday December 13th 2016.

  1. Vilification 
  2. Vilification  
  3. Victimization

I will say one thing to this man Garry Burns you are an obsessed liar amd trouble maker with no rights to waste tax payers money taking me to the tribunals over this. 

I refuse to accept that I vilify homosexuals or victimize you and you will never force me to change from this belief or opinion of your Burns Vs Sunol cases, 

I do not know what you think you are looking for as I am bankrupt and applying for a second bankruptcy to cover the $55,000 already claimed. 

You will want more money again and I can  not see the purpose behind this as you have nothing to gain. 

I am not going to stop writing or give in as I do not give into thugs like you who put in false complaints all of the time.

To finish off I refuse to sell my home as that would encourage you to to me more and get others to as well. The home is in the name  of a shelf company and you can not force a sale so have a great day as you will be getting nothing from me except a boot up the butt by the courts and I  will refuse to stop

I will be adding a spreadsheet of all of my 73 complaints from Burns vs Sunol 

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