Friday, 23 December 2016

I studied under dr George Adijondro in 1998 at the University of newcastle

This was my final year in my BSocSc  (sociology and I majored in the sociology of corruption) There is Institional corruption in the Anti Discrimination board and I have proof this with in excess of 70 falso complainnts against me by the one serial  complaignant Garry Richard Burns. Garry is only a fall guy to bring compliants before the Anti Discrimination board . All of which are put before the Ncat tribunals and are substantiated most of hyped up concocted evidence. 

I have also been ordered to pay Garry Burns  $55,000 for this even though I am bankrupt and can not and will not pay as  I will not recognise the decisions as anything but institutional corruption. This is from a Cultural Marxist  Political correctness  philosophical thinking which dates back to raw Marxism / communism and anti what I come from. 

I believe the world is going through a social change like the Industrial Revolution back in the 18th and 19th century   and this modern social change is on the same level. 

Garry Richard Burns is only a fall guy for the Anti Discrimination board to drive for this political change through the use of case law made up to fulfill the ego one one man who is a dissaabilit support pensioner and to drive for case law with the Anti Discrimination Board

Also as a bonus for being the fall guy for this institutional corruption Garry Burns makes a hansone reward of $55,000 out of it which has to come out of my pockets evventhough I am bankrupt. 

Garry screms victimization when I state that I can not pay this money and put in complaints and Garry puts further  complaints against me for victimization and further villification which i expect to be substantiated and Garry will be awarded more money.

This is a racket, for the Anti Discrimination board to use a man on the Dissability Pension to make case law, all of which is based on lies and then to be paid $55,000 with interest for doing this for them.

I need say no more but this will be exposed to the world and I wish to lobby to see The 1993 homosexual villification ammendment repealed and the 1977 Anti-Discrimination Act gone over in NSW parliament and ammendments made where needed to save any more institutional corruption as been happening With me

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 

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