Sunday, 18 December 2016

I went to a carols by Candlelight tonight in Lambton park in Newcastle tonight

I went to  a carols br candelight this evening where there was around 3,000 people at. I can mix very easily among many people I do not know and this coming year 2017 I am going to just do that and spread the word  of anti same sex marriage to every one I can meet with.  

I am  able to mingle amongst large crowds of  people and go unoticed and in this coming year of 2017 that is what I will do to spread my ,essage of NO to same sex marriage and I have no toleration of this wickedness before God as God has no tolerance towards sin and same sex marriage is sin before God.  

So this proves I can travel where I want spreading the anti same sex marriage, essage. Unless someone got me known to all as a majot homophobe and bigot knows to all no one will stop me,

 I will not let anyone stop me what so ever.

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 

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