Tuesday, 20 December 2016

If same sex marriage is introduced in Australia we will loose our freedom of religion. READ THIS PLEASE !!!

I challenge all Australians to read this. The only people who desire same sex marriage is The militant homosexuals. We must not ever accept this and fight this Militant Homosexual minority as they are taking away our Freedom Of speech and religious belief for the purposes of Political correctness  
(Cultural Marxism

This is a loss of personal freedoms to reject wickedness in the church. It is also a way for members of the militant Militant homosexual lobby yo steal assets from those religious institutions that oppose same sex marriage on a set of religious beliefs. This is already happening in other so called free western  countries. (Eg Canada, Denmark) and it will happen in Australia sooner or later if we legislate for same sex marriage.  

Look at Myself I have been fined $55,000 for speaking out and same sex marriage is not even yet legislated in Australia. Just consider how much morre money members of the Homosexual rights groups (Militant homosexual groups)

We must totaly reject same sex marriage and openly oppose 
All militant homosexual groups  could reap in and demand by Taking religions opposed to same sex marriage to court, like they did with me !!!

If same sex marriage is legislated in Australia (like it has been in other Western  countries) the militant homosexuals will have a feild day stealing money from religious organizations that are opposed to same sex marriage.

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 

In political terms, legalization of same-sex marriage brings state and church into direct conflict. To try to solve this problem, Labor activists specify that changes to the Marriage Act will not impose an obligation on a minister of religion to solemnize any marriage. This is the escape clause and it is pivotal. It is designed to permit religious freedom to continue to exist in Australia. Only a fool would accept this at face value.
The churches know this issue penetrates to the heart of religious freedom. Once the state changes the meaning of marriage, can you imagine the pressures all religions will face to perform same-sex wedding ceremonies against their will? The Christian churches, at some point, will become the focus of attack for denying gay marriage ceremonies in the name of religious faith.
While churches will enjoy an initial exemption from the state's law, that exemption over time will be attacked as an anomaly. No religion will accept at face value any guarantee from the Labor Party.
Meanwhile, commentator Andrew Bolt has written:
IT was meant to stop us worrying, but one bit of Labor's new policy for same-sex marriage is a warning.
I mean this: "These amendments should ensure that nothing in the Marriage Act imposes an obligation on a minister of religion to solemnize any marriage."
I'm sure most of the delegates at Labor's national conference on the weekend did mean it.
They just wanted the law changed so men could marry men, and women could marry women.
And they didn't want to use equal opportunity laws to then force churches to bless them.
But I wouldn't take this guarantee to the bank.

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