Wednesday, 14 December 2016

In this coming year 2017, I will be writing to my blog regular and looking for work in the public

In this coming year my new years even resolution is to continue on the way I have been for many years now and to 

1. Find a meaningful  payed job in a public place. This job will be in a place I can contribute to
2. Continue on my anti same sex marriage activist agenda unabated and unstopped no matter what happens. 
3. To build a profile and travel around telling people about my anti same sex marriage as much as I can and carry it to where I go to. 
4. All of this activity will be backed up by my blog and I will continue on with my blog for the whole year out in 2017
I own my own  home, have no rent and just the average bills. No one can take that from me as the home was payed off in full back in 1988 and put into a shelf company with the deeds and trust so it is protected from people who want to take me to court and make me a debtor to them. 

They can not touch my home (even as a judgement debtor) that is protected and I intend to get myself work this coming year so I can save money for retirement which will happen within 10 - 15 years time as I am aged 59 years at the present moment. In 10 - 15 years time I will be 69 - 74 and ready for retirement. I need to save for this and with no rent and owing a home this makes it a ton sight easier. 

In around 10 years owning a home I should be able to save enough for retirement as long it is a secure well payed work

As for that man I owe $55,000 I will apply for a second bankruptcy as he can not get blood out of a stone, and i am NOT GOING TO PAY A PERSON WHO STEALS MONEY BY BEING A CONSTANT LIAR TO AND A VEXATIOUS LITIGATION LIKE HE IS. 

I would rather fight him through the courts untill the courts get tired of him and he is forced to give in. 

I just refuse to not stop.

AS for 2017, I expect it will be not a lot different to what 2016 was but that I might be able to score more work like I did a couple of times in 2016.

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 

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