Monday, 5 December 2016

Internet Trolls attacking me - I have had a gut full of it, I am not going off the net, I am deleting and blocking you all, especialy that John M who is exceptionaly bad and a Troll

John M, and Beanie Hynes, I am banning you from commenting on my blog and will fight you to the day I die. I will not give in and if you want to have it out, then let us do that as I am not a person to give into internet trolls. 

This is the last Waring, bug off, stay out of this or we will go bull ball at each other.

If I get any trolls back I am not going off line, I am banning those idiots and taking them on full scale and all out

The main message I need to put on this blog post is that internet trolls are usually Psychopaths (like the John M that is attacking me and this) that get their kicks out of creating trouble and attacking people. 

I will not tolerate this and expose them all for what they realy are
a bunch of trouble makers who get kicks out of creating trouble online. 

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol

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