Saturday, 24 December 2016

Islamic state targetting United States Churches

Islamic state targetting United States 

This is going to happen world  wide as Islamic state see churches as soft gtargets (the same as big events Like Gay Pride Marches.)

 Churches are soft targets so we need to reamain vigil over this.

We must evee be on the vigil as we are at war with Islamic state. 

As a statement the Australian Authorities might need to go on the hunt for all Islamic State sympathisers arrest them , put them in front of the courts and make Similar action to what was done to the Nazi Germans Italians and Japanese after Pearl Harbour in December 1939 to the end of world war 2

Only thing is make these camps harsh,located away from Civilization in Australian interior and with Special military trained Prison Gaurds. Round up all Islamic State Supporters with other such designated groups and send them to these prisons indefinetely untill Islamic state and other such terror groups are outrightedly defeated and exist no more.

This will need to be a Federal effort with State support from all of the Australian States.

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 

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