Monday, 19 December 2016

Letters from John Christopher Sunol taken from back iin 2011/12

This is one of a number of places that my problems came from and it is all attacks on me with deliberate lies in the early days.  

This came from a bunch of online shit stirrers and trouble makers who tell big Porkies (lies) to create trouble and did this on me from the beginning

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 

This group are closed as they were a bunch of online  trouble makers who set people up with lies just to create on line stirs. They helped frame me with Henry Collier from the beginning After Henry died in 2010 Garry Burns took up the reigns to carry on and committed open purgery and made up bullshit stories to carry on (told lies and committed purgery). That is why the ANTI VILIFICATION  OH HOMOSEXUAL LAW) 1993 by Clover Moore must e repealed as it id open for abuse as it is now being Abused by this man - I am not guilty of vilification I have been framed and set up by this man telling lies and commuting pugery 

Zgeek were the clowns who started this whole scenario of Collier vs Sunol and then Burns vs Sunol with their trouble making activism back in 2005

I refuse to accept anything else and I withdraw all my apologies made  in the past which were only made to fulfill legal requirements. None were Genuine as I did nothing wrong and will not accept or recognize that I vilified homosexuals In any of my past cases

Garry Burns took over from where Zgeek left off

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