Thursday, 1 December 2016

SA apology to homosexuals not needed and I see this as a ???

This is not needed and a rel blight upon Australia as a whole as we could see a larger number of civil suit cases and villification cases wanting money as some scammer wouldmsee this as a gret vwnue to stel money from pwople who doo not agree through the courts, the worst thing is Thenvictorin Government is going to give a similar apology is being made in Victoria. Next NSW. WA, Tasmania, Qld and Act will follow suit and if Same sex marriage is normalises we could see Vexatious law suits happen everywhere all the time as people will use this by fraud to steal money from others

I see this as opening the flood gates to civil suits and over loading the courts of both Victoria and South Australia Overloading the courts in SA and Victoria with vexatious littligation on a large scale to get money off a civil suit and villification/antidisrimination
This is bad and we must get up and speak against this. There is no need to apologize to the homosexual Lobby as this is opening the doors to scamster's to abuse the courts big time. 

Burns vs Sunol is one major example

Note: I see this as a major financial, legal and most of all a Vexatious littigant honey pot. The courts will be packed with Vesatious lawsuits that they will be to busy feeding the scamsters own interests that millions of tax,payers dollars will be wasted on Frivoulous law suits and these public apologies qill be the ,ain reasons for this happening. We ,ust fight the Homosexual Rights Lobby and do our best to keep people free to oppose same sex marriage

Published and written by John Christopher Sunol 

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