Saturday, 24 December 2016

Same sex marriage properganda and bullshit is driving the left wing Political correctness (cultural Marxist)Same-sex-marriage agenfa : READ THIS PLEASE: ???

We have a war to fight. Ths is a resl fight over the thought and mind of the general population. This study is showing some of the properganda and liess prported by the homosexual militants and gay marriage advocates that are pushing lies on all. 

Read this study and you will see that it is a whole load of a spin of lies those in Militant Homosexuality is pushing

This is
What we are Heading towards if we accept same sex marriage: It is nothing to do with equalit but very politcal Same sex marriage political and Nazi Like

Something for all to read after reading this article

Homosexual rights leads to totalitarianian Government

Written and published by 
John Christopher Sunol 


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