Friday, 9 December 2016

Some one is stealing my identity and making replies to my you tubes using this stolen identity

Identity theft is a criminal offence which involves stealing anothers identity. Some one is committing this crime on me on my you tube comments. This is  happening where they are fraudulently using my name and photo to make comments to discredit me.  I find out who is stealing my photo and committing this act I will have you charged for this. I will have a talk to the AFP identity over this identity fraud (theft) Crime Police  and get this investigated.

 Also any comments in my name fraudulently made in my name using my photo  is a criminal act which is identity fraud and this will be immediately deleted.

As this is happening and I will close all comments only on applrovable by me if this kind of activity continues on.  

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 

this is what is being used on me at the moment, someone is using my own photo and name to write comments to my You Tube channels to discredit me. I am going to have no choice but to leave all comments for my own approval if this does not stop. 

It is a criminal act and identity fraud but the groups i am fighting do not care less, all they want to do is shut me up. That is just not going to happen and I will fight back as I am war with all militant Homosexuals no matter where they are on this earth. 

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